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Systems, Processes, Efficiency, Experience, and Determination

What is SPEED Training?

SPEED Training is a 1 day workshop focused on using Technology and Systems to run an efficient insurance agency.   We combine multiple strategies from email templates (over 60 custom templates are included), texting, BOD, books, corporate training, and more to show you how to create an outstanding customer experience without a ton of extra effort.

Sean Morton is the trainer, and he shares his journey from barely getting his contract to earning some of the top awards in the company.  

This workshop teaches you how to “architect” your agency to create an outstanding customer experience.  You’ll learn the proven systems and processes that will create the consistency and professionalism that will drive everything in your office.  Whether you are a brand new TICA or a tenured agent, you & your staff will bring hours back into each and every work day by implementing these concepts.

SPEED Training is not an ECRM course, but it is updated with best practices.

We focus heavily on technology towards the end of class – optimizing your laptop/workstation, Outlook, Adobe, Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and other software to be more efficient.

Real Agents. Real Results.

Don’t just take our word for it.

We’ve worked with everyone from brand new TICAs, long time agents, Chairman’s Circle Agents, MOA Agents, Trophy Club winners, and everyone in between.  Read what they have to say about the class.

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