Workshop Feedback from Real Agents & Team Members!

As a Chairman’s Circle and MOA Agent that is “dialed in”…I felt pretty confident my processes were on point. After attending the workshop with my service manager I realized we were only half way there. Sean’s workshop is an excellent use of time and money. You will not be disappointed.

Chris Sutherland

MOA Agent, Colorado Springs

I have tracked when we started implementing these processes from 1 year ago and it’s reduced by lapse/can by 10% so it’s a no brainer that more agents need to be on this system. I’m starting to send ALL my team members to this training for buy in and to see just how the whole thing works. Great investment!!!!!

Melissa McDonald

Agent - Greeley, CO

You’ll learn how to be efficient, professional and consistent regardless of who in your office is working with a client. It’s definitely worth it.

April Welch

MOA Agent, Denver, CO

As a veteran staff person of 38 years I found it so nice to have someone within the company help me/us. Pretty much on our own now a days to learn and implement new ideas and our time is so limited. It is really hard to keep up with technology and ways of doing business so I feel like you’ve saved me. Even if we only implement a few of your ideas it’s going to be so……nice! Of course I’m hoping for more and I have someone that can help me so I’m way excited!!! Thank you very much for sharing your time and expertise with us. It was awesome!

Team Member, CO

The Speed Training Workshop is incredible. We’ve implemented many of the processes into our daily workflow and they have made a big difference in the amount of time we spend doing BOD and service activities. Sean has a great process to eliminate VM tag– and it works. We’ve even added coverages to existing customers– so it works behind the scenes too. I’m a huge fan and Sean’s processes have helped us “on the field” by giving us precious time back. This workshop will change the workflow in your office.

Sharon Godfrey, Agent

McLean, VA

As a TICA, I would especially recommend the speed training and email templates to new agents.  The systems and processes in the training have had such an impact on reducing time allocated to servicing which allows us to focus on sales.  Our clients love the emails and the team is more efficient.

Becky Stevenson, Agent

Broomfield, CO

When I go to meetings with the hope of learning something, I’m usually disappointed with the fluff that you get instead. This workshop was “meat and potatoes” every word was applicable to our agencies and I have a truck load of great ideas to implement.

Agent - Memphis, TN

Sean’s class took my office from 25-30% lapse/can down to consistently 15%. I’m fortunate enough to be close to his office, I send all of my team members there.

Bo Borowski

Agent - Arvada, CO

The systems and processes taught in this training is amazing and mind blowing! The overall goal of exceptional service, and how to implement this practice is key to ANY and EVERY agency! Highly recommend this training, it was exceptional!

Team Member

Afton, WY

It’s absolutely worth your investment! Our current systems are rather archaic and inefficient but this works within our limitations to provide a more well-rounded, consistent customer experience. LOVE IT! Everyone needs to jump on this bandwagon!


Denver, CO

I have been with the company for 27 years. This by far is the best systems class I have attended!

Stephanie Langkil

Agent - Virginia Beach, VA

I love that Sean took what was in my brain and made it into reality. Excellent system/processes.


Team Member

SPEED gives you that slight edge to make every day tasks easier and more efficient. Nothing is hard about the information but it’s rather taught in such a way that makes you go, “Why are we not already doing this?” 
Great class and would highly recommend!

Lindsey Wilson Gosser

Agent - Russell Springs, KY

What a way to streamline your agency using his templates! Simplifies the work flow! I will highly recommend for others to attend.

Carla Street

Agent - Cumming, GA

We are implementing as much as we can from our one day class. With two team members plus myself in attendance we saw lots of things from different angles and were able to absorb so much more. We are seeing the benefits every day of being more efficient and the clients love it too!

Roger Clark

Agent - Rogers, AR

The SOP offered are fantastic and what I have been seeking as we never parceled time to create and I expect production to increase and lapse /can to decrease.

Jeff Kolp

Agent - Indianapolis, IN

Speed training is a must for any agent who wants to lower their service hours and increase their retention. It is packed full of systems to help you run your agency more efficiently. Sean did an amazing job in presenting the material and creating the systems.

Tony Freeman

Agent - Corona, CA

I’ve always been a big believer in working “Smart not Hard” – the “212 degrees concept”….Sean’s training, processes and associated templates and talking points have allowed us to simplify our work flow as a team even more and maximize both growth and lower lapse/can.  I believe we all need to continue to develop ourselves and our team.  This is something I wished I had for my team ten years ago.  Every agent young and old, President’s club level agents as well as new TICA’s can and will benefit from what SPEED Training teaches you!

Randy Thompson, Agent

Afton, WY

I attended Sean’s workshop this past Friday in Temecula and it was so good I plan to attend the workshop in LA. In my 30 years at the company this is one of the best workshops I have ever attended. The difference is this workshop doesn’t just talk about what you should do, Sean will give you his tools, systems and processes that he has developed and refined. If I can take just a small part of what he’s given me I know my agency will be much better.

John Hadley

Agent & Former AFE - San Marcos, CA

This Workshop addresses daily challenges that we all face in a logical order. It is immediately useful to improve our office’s daily practices. Most of the material is “ready-to-use” and requires little, if any adaptation.

Agent - Tupelo, MS

In 18 years in the business it was the best training my team and I have participated in.  For new agents and tenured agents alike, this workshop is an absolute must.  Sean’s workshop offers organizational tools that are efficient AND effective. Every agent should take this workshop!

Tim Brown

Agent - Westminster, CO

The email templates and the Adobe tutorial for signatures is worth the money alone. Do you know how much time and paper we are going to save in this office ?!?

Team Member - Nashville, TN

It was hands down the best class/system I have seen in the 13 years I have been in the financial services business.

Quinn McCoy

MOA Agent - Westminster, CO

The ROI on this is almost instant.  We will save so much time in everything we do, and can’t wait to get started!  Thank you!


Evergreen, CO

Worth the money just in time saved not having to create these documents alone!

Kristin Francy, Agent

San Diego, CA

This workshop introduced me to tools and systems that I did not know could be created with the technology available to my agency.


Los Angeles, CA

Love, love, love SPEED trading with Sean Morton…I have attended twice with my team. Streamlined my processes…gained efficiencies…well worth your time!

Sarah Atkinson

Agent - Huntington Beach, CA

SPEED training is just what I needed to cut my service time down. Now BOD doesn’t take that much time and it trains our customers to use their phones/internet to take care of simple service related things so that we can be busy with more important tasks. I recommend SPEED training to anyone wanting to take their agency to the next level.

Chris Dinkelman

Agent - Idaho Falls, ID

My office manager and I attended the workshop a couple of weeks ago and have been using his BOD system since and IT WORKS! The texts and e-mails get people to call back and it’s easier than all of those phone calls that no one wants to make.

Anne Sparkman

Agent - Newport News, VA

Amazing information that is WELL worth the time invested in this class! Great teacher! All tools can be implemented immediately!

Tassaday Loughridge

Team Member - Wichita, KS

SPEED has cut down our BOD time substantially, improved our efficiency, and made my team more confident!

Heidi Holle-Williams

Agent - Wichita, KS

This is a wonderful class- it gave our office the tools and “how to” that made our service team much more efficient!

Marilee Thomson

Team Member

Sean is a remarkable Agent who has mastered the technology of our system and all that it has to offer. He has used features to bring to your desktop and to implement into the office. It will make us more efficient and more remarkable to our clients. His email templates are some of the best features I have ever seen in my career, which allows us to share pertinent information to our clients. This will surely alleviate constant call backs/interruptions and information needed to make more effective use of our time. I am so excited to get all of this implemented into my daily workload and to see our increase in productivity. I hope to have our Agency all using it within days of our seminar. Cannot say thank you enough for all that you have provided.

The ability to work smarter and provide more to our clients. It will help us alleviate a lot of call ins so we can do more call outs. it will help relieve the chaos daily and make it easier for us to pivot and provide a more remarkable service to our clients. We are so excited to share with our team members and agent that could not attend.

Marilyn Westenberger

Team Member

Prior to Speed training as a TICA I struggled with giving my policyholders the experience they deserved from my agency. The saying, “you don’t know, what you don’t know” couldn’t have been more true for me in this case. This training opened my eyes to how using a repeatable, proven process for responding to my policyholders will not only make my agency more efficient, it will give us more opportunities to increase sales and increase customer satisfaction. Even better is SPEED training didn’t just teach us how to re-create the wheel, they actually gave us the wheel. All the pre-populated templates were provided to us so we can start working the system the same day. I highly recommend this training to all agents and look forward to watching my agency grow because of what I learned. Thank you SPEED training!

Lisa Brennan

Agent - Huntington Beach, CA

This is an incredible training course. This will help our office become consistent and more professional. We will be able to work smarter as a result!

Cindy Cheramie

Team Member - Covington, LA

I would highly encourage the agent and their key service person to attend. When I started 2 1/2 years ago, this is the kind of service training that I was looking for–and needed.


Team Member

We LOVE speed training. As a high volume agency, my team members say utilizing mail merge and text templates has made our processes seamless. We are getting great responses to reviewing auto coverage for comprehensive and rental as well.

Kathy Thurmond-Edwards

Agent - Memphis, TN

The BEST class I have taken in 10 years with the company. Turn-key solutions to make your office run more efficiently. No need to reinvent the wheel. I highly recommend!

Teri Starry

Agent, Arvada CO

The BEST training I have attended in at least 3 years. I love that the focus is on time, efficiency and filling the gaps of our corporate systems. Time is money and SPEED training gives you the tools to maximize and standardize the day to day activities in your office. If it something is repetitive, automate it!

James Fread, Agent

Lakeside, CA

So many agents want to do nothing more then SELL. You’re class teaches us the other side of the spectrum to allow us to get systems in place to stream line our servicing. I was a team member for 5 years before coming into agency and I believe we would be 1-2 years ahead of where we are right now if we had the tools when we opened that you’ve given in this class. As a new market agent servicing is hard to teach! This will allow me to train the same way every time and grade my service position as well. Thanks Sean!

Agent - Benton, KY

This training early in my agency would have made me more money and saved a ton of time!  I highly recommend this class for agents and team members.


San Diego, CA

It was an amazing class. I learned things that I didn’t even know were possible in our computer systems. After 14 years, I assumed I was using systems the best way I could and I was WRONG! Thanks Sean and team!

Team Member

Lakewood, CO

I cannot say enough good things about the training you provided last month.  My office has been implementing the ideas and is having success.  Looking forward to having a refresher in the near future!  Too much good stuff to absorb in one session.  The response from our clients is outstanding as well, we look much more professional, are much more efficient with our time and utilizing our system to more of its capacity…


El Cajon, CA

I flew from Hawaii to Colorado just to take his class. I told my BOD team member that this new procedure will probably take a couple weeks to get used to. To my surprise, she loved it from day 1 and said this has made her job much more efficient, consistent and easier. Attending Sean’s class was well worth my time and money!!
Nahoku Ahlo

Agent - Wahiawa, HI

I would recommend this class to any Agent looking for a system which helps their office communicate with every customer in a professional and unified manner. Clearly a huge amount of effort has gone into testing and developing an adaptive tool to create a more streamlined and effective agency.

Team Member, Southern CA

This really helped me to re-evaluate and streamline all of our daily processes. We are already putting into practice and it seems to both a) save us time and b) help us deliver a more positive experience on each customer interaction. This workshop was absolutely worth the investment, and was worth bringing your service team member(s).

Aubrey Pithwa

Agent - Virginia Beach, VA

Incredible workshop. As a result of implementing the BOD process, our customers are faster to respond to late pay contacts. The email templates are very professional and consistent. So much valuable information comes out of this workshop.

Arty Pagan

Agent - Melbourne, FL

Good info. Helpful ways to improve the lapse/can.


Team Member

The email templates and sticky notes are great. The work involved here is massive. Thank you for putting it together for us.

Suzie McCune

Team Member

I think this was one of the best courses I’ve ever attended from a process standpoint. I wish there were a way that I could explain more clearly to my peers what this class is all about and how impactful it has been.



Obviously the information was all very good. It truly made me look at my business differently. I have always been trying to get my team to be better at how we interact with the customer. Maybe the road to improvement is taking away the errors and the customer irritants that exist in our systems and how we interact with them.



All I can say is WOW! This class was the best class I have ever attending for making my business better. What I really appreciate is the amount of stuff you get. 60+ email templates in great detail, Text templates, signatures, and much more from the website. I truly feel we will start giving our customer’s a much more green experience and will be more hesitant to switch from my agency. The bottom line is we all want to get better and Sean want’s to truly help you get there. He is super transparent and will email, text and respond to you. RECOMMEND for any agent whether a TICA or 50+ year agent.

Will Rentschler

Agent - Pensacola, FL

Lot of information. Very useful and helpful that we can implement.



This was the best class I have attended to improve the efficiency of my agency. Money well spent!

Sandy Wheeler

Agent - Center, TX

Great class. Sean has put in the time on so many little things we have overlooked. Even just one or two of these ideas are game changers for an agency. There are dozens of things that we learned. This will help my agency become so much better. I’m glad my service manager and I attended. Well worth it.

Gaston Arguelles

Agent - Houston, TX