State Specific Survey

Help us customize everything for your state!  Some of these questions may not make sense, but they can apply to certain states.

  • Insurance Information

  • Tracking down forms is a nightmare, but we make it easy. We need to know the forms that are specific to your state since we've never worked there. 🙂
  • For example, the customer can have a $500 comprehensive deductible, but $0 for windshield cracks and replacements.
  • If so, the customer can have uninsured motorist on 1 vehicle, and it extends to all vehicles in the household.
  • If so, the customer is covered for a hit and run situation. This is not a complete replacement to collision, but it is helpful to put on an older car with liability only.
  • If so, the policy stays active, but bills out at $0. The customer can keep a policy suspended through the end of its current term plus 1 more renewal.
  • Also, any explanations for questions above.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.