Sponsorship Opportunities

Thank you for considering a sponsorship of an upcoming SPEED Training Workshop.  It takes a lot of effort to put together a successful class, and we look forward to helping you grow your business while supporting ours.


Sponsor Overview
SPEED Training sponsors get an opportunity to network with agents and team members during the 1 day class.  Depending on your level of sponsorship, this could be in the morning as attendees are checking in, during lunch, or throughout the day during breaks.

Some sponsors already have a training room that we can use for the class.  If this is not an option, we will typically use a hotel, country club, agent’s office, community clubhouse, library, or another location that can accommodate our group size.  Classes are generally between 30-60 people and the rooms are set up in a classroom style.

If we do the class at a hotel, we usually have to use the hotel for catering lunch, which is more expensive then using another type of facility.  Some sponsors have found it easier to simply have the hotel handle everything, while others have gone through the effort of finding a suitable location.  Many times, with a hotel space, we will be able to get a discounted or even free meeting space rate if we also have the attendees use a room block to reserve their hotel stay at that location as well.

Food & Beverage
In the mornings, we have found that coffee and water are sufficient.  If you’d like you can provide light snacks – fruit, muffins, etc.  For lunch, we will usually have a sandwich platter or buffet.  When the attendees don’t have to leave the location for lunch, it allows us to finish up sooner, and it gives you a captive audience to talk about your business!

Sponsorship Options

Exclusive (Recommended)
Your company will be the exclusive sponsor of Workshop.  You will work with SPEED on a location, menu, and you will cover all costs associated with the workshop.  Cost: TBD based on location.

  • 15-20 minutes to present to the group during lunch break and/or greet people in the morning.
  • Custom Email Template for each agency to send referrals your way.
  • Logo and company information on class registration page and Facebook Events.
  • Logo and company materials on SPEED Training Attendee handouts (must cover printing costs).
  • Class Roster in Excel Format, including email addresses.
  • 2 Reminders after class to the attendees to save your contact information and to send you referrals
  • Priority sponsorship for future classes – lock out your competition!


Shared Sponsorship
Your company can work with a trusted partner, or SPEED will have multiple sponsors if you do not have someone in mind already.  You will work with us to choose a location, menu, and you will split the costs associated with the workshop.


  • 5 minutes to present to the group during the morning or lunch break and/or greet people in the morning.
  • Class Roster in Excel Format, including email addresses.
  • 2 Reminders after class to the attendees to save your contact information and to send you referrals
  • Priority sponsorship for future classes – lock out your competition!


For additional information, please email info@speedtrainingworkshop.com.

Additional Options


Custom Email Templates

Work with SPEED to design a custom referral template for your business.  Some sponsors want the email to be directed to the customer to reach out to your company to get an estimate started (you will be CC’d), and other sponsors want the office to send them the referral directly and will follow up with the customer ASAP. 

Cost: Included in Exclusive sponsorship

Attendee Packets

Each SPEED attendee receives a packet of class materials.  These handouts are coil bound with a clear cover and hard back, which means they are durable and will stay in the office for a long time.  Work with SPEED to get your logo and contact information on the front page, as well as any handouts included at the end of the packet.  This is a great way to stay in front of people for years after the class!

Cost: $500 per class

I have been a corporate sponsor of the SPEED Training events on multiple occasions. There have been lots of benefits for my business:

First, this training is powerful! If you have ever struggled with operational efficiency in your business, you will leave this training with a powerful set of tools.

Second, Sean Morton does a great job of integrating his corporate sponsors into the event. Not only are marketing and promotional materials welcomed, but he also does a great job introducing and explaining your business to his audiences.

We have been able to establish many new relationships through our presence at these training sessions. Come join the learning!

Matthew Dirr

Owner, Cenco Building Services

We’ve sponsored SPEED Training for a number of years now, and the referrals have been great!  I highly recommend getting in front of these agents and team members.  

Dennis Gallegos

Regional Account Manager, Safelite Auto Glass

I thought it was a positive experience it is a good time for me to get to sit and talk to that many agents and staff members at one time which would take me an entire day to see that many people.

I highly recommend being active with your customers and their staff let them know that it is a working relationship we want your business but we are willing to earn it and give back when we are able at the same time.

Would highly recommend anybody who gets the chance to do this at least once to also get to see a little more of what the agents and their staff do for their customers on a daily basis.

Chris Young

Account Manager, Glass USA

You can certainly see the passion and desire to succeed in Sean’s presentation! It was truly an honor as well as a great experience to sponsor the groups training class. I would do it again in a heartbeat.. thanks for the opportunity!

Allan Morgan

Regional Account Manager, Safelite Auto Glass