Digital Business Card

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Do you answer calls from unknown numbers or do you put them to voicemail?  Neither do your customers!

Do you know if your phone number is showing up correctly as SPAM on your customers’ cell phones?  Nobody answers SPAM calls!

The Digital Business card makes it simple and easy to save your office information to your customer’s phones!

We used to train on how to send the contact card through an office iPad, and some agencies have a cell phone dedicated to this purpose.

Once we receive approval, we will launch the Digital Business Card to easily get your office contact information into your policyholder’s phone.  The next time you call, they’ll be more likely to answer because it won’t be an unknown number or Spam!

The price will be $9.99/mo, with no obligation.  To test out the digital business card, visit from your mobile device.

Reserve your custom URL using the form below.  For example, you will want to reserve your short name to make the link simple to text and remember.  You don’t want to be the 3rd agent named John to request

Test it out now — this works best from a Mobile Device!