Interested in being a BOD Specialist?

The BOD Service will supply agencies with a BOD Specialist to work their BOD tasks with the SPEED Training process.  Take a look at our demo to get a glimpse of the process!

SPEED Training does not solicit current team members regarding the BOD Specialist position.  Your current agent MUST support your work with SPEED Training. Please have your agent reach out to us expressing their support with you taking on this role.

Services Provided by the Specialist:

BOD Tasks in ECRM

Forms, Payments, Issued & Mailed, Sales Opportunities, etc. 

ECRM Claims Cases

Initial Contact, start SMPs

Underwriting Memos

Auto & Fire Folders in Outlook

BOD Specialist Pay Structure

Agents will pay specialists directly based on the size of their agency.  Once you are assigned to an agency, you will be added to the payroll and receive the applicable compensation.  Most agents pay twice per month.  Keep in mind the household size for the workload you are interested in taking on.  The larger the agency the more daily tasks that will be included for BOD.

Please review the chart on the right, to help answer a couple of the questions we ask in the survey!

Agency less than 1000 HH

$750/monthly for BOD Specialist

Agency HH Size 1001 - 1500

$1,000/monthly for BOD Specialist

Agency HH Size 1501 - 2000

$1,250/monthly for BOD Specialist

Agency HH Size 2001 - 2500

$1,500/monthly for BOD Specialist

Agency HH Size 2501 - 3000

$1,750/monthly for BOD Specialist

Agency HH Size 3001-3500

$2,000/monthly for BOD Specialist

Interested in being a BOD Specialist?  Fill out our the Survey