SPEED Training BOD Service

Is your agency struggling to implement a consistent BOD process?  SPEED Training is here to help! 

The BOD Service will supply your agency with a SPEED Certified Team Member to work your BOD tasks with the SPEED Training process.  

This Product Offering is on Hold. 
We have NOT placed any specialists with agents so far.

Services Provided:

BOD Tasks in ECRM

Forms, Payments, Issued & Mailed, Sales Opportunities, etc. 

ECRM Claims Cases

Initial Contact, start SMPs

Underwriting Memos

Auto & Fire Folders in Outlook


Pricing is based on the agency size.  The monthly expense includes a payment to SPEED Training for $500/monthly which gives you access to everything we offer.  (excluding our partnerships with Racing Snail / TodayApp)

  • Unlimited attendance to SPEED Training workshops for you and your team members
  • Get Up to SPEED for New Hires (Onboarding)
  • Get Better Newsletter
  • Custom team member templates.  (Their info is at the bottom in the signature section.)
Agency less than 1000 HH

$1,250/monthly for BOD Specialist 

Agency HH Size 1001 - 1500

$1,500/monthly for BOD Specialist

Agency HH Size 1501 - 2000

$1,750/monthly for BOD Specialist

Agency HH Size 2001 - 2500

$2,000/monthly for BOD Specialist

Agency HH Size 2501 - 3000

$2,250/monthly for BOD Specialist

Agency HH Size 3001-3500

$2,500/monthly for BOD Specialist

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